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Why Cotton Towels Feel So Much Better Than All the Rest

There’s something wonderfully sensual and comforting about stepping out of a shower or bath and wrapping up in a big, fluffy towel. The right towel can transport you away from the hassles of the day and make you feel like you’re standing in your own personal spa.

Luxury towels like those offered through Maple & Moon aren’t massed-produced, which means they’re more expensive than a lot of others. For the price, however, you’re guaranteed to get a towel that’s been crafted to exacting standards, tested for absorbency and comfort, and built to last. A cheaper towel won’t feel nearly as nice, nor will it last as long. 

Plus, the craftsmen at Maple & Moon know the real secret to the perfect towel is in the material they use to make their products: Cotton.

What makes cotton the superior choice over all other materials that could be turned into towels, including silk, bamboo, rayon, and synthetic microfibers? Take a look:

Cotton Is Softer

Towels made from cotton are inherently softer than those made from polyester and nylon mixes. 

Extra-long cotton fibers are treasured for use in bath towels (as well as sheets and blankets) because they only get softer and fluffier to the touch with every use. 

Towels made from other materials often have to be mixed with cotton to give them some degree of softness, but they tend to get scratchier over time (especially if they’re coated to fool you into believing they’re softer than they really are when you’re in the store). Hotel towels, for example, are often a mix of cotton and polyester. While that makes them easy to wash and dry, they tend to be scratchy and rough on delicate skin.

Cotton Has Better Absorbency

Cotton is super absorbent, especially when a towel is properly made. A quality towel should sink within seconds of being laid on water, which is something you won’t see with towels made of synthetic materials or bamboo. 

A towel with a high level of absorbency helps you quickly dry off after a bath, and it won’t leave behind any soap residue or film that can later irritate your skin. That heightened absorbency is also great for capturing body oils, and it’s natural, nubby texture acts like a gentle exfoliant. 

Cotton Is More Durable 

Cotton is inherently stronger than rayon and many other fibers, and cotton easily withstands the rigors of constant use and frequent washings — which is exactly what you need in a bath towel. Cotton also tolerates bleaching, which is important when you want to keep a white cotton towel looking crisp and new.

When you buy a cheap towel, you’ll probably need to replace it fairly quickly. While an expensive luxury towel may give you a little sticker-shock, its durability can make the initial price a bargain in the long run.

If you’re looking for an artisanal towel that offers the max in luxury and a premium feel against your skin, make sure that you look carefully at the fibers being used, including how they are sourced. You’ll never go wrong with a quality cotton towel.

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