What These 3 Guys Have To Say About Scalp Micropigmentation

Are you a young adult male who is enduring hair loss and looking for a better way forward? If that is you, then you’ve come to the right place to help transform your look. Scalp Micro USA, a top U.S. scalp micropigmentation company states, “Our hair loss solutions have helped countless men reshape their scalp to give them a more natural look.”

Without a doubt, this solution has helped young men overcome hair loss in a way that meets their unique needs. Today, we’ll hear the stories from three men on how this process helped transform their looks for the better. With that said, let’s jump on in.

Matt Margiotta: Scalp Micropigmentation Has Made Me Feel Like A Whole New Person

In this case, we’ll talk about Matt Margiotta’s journey on how he overcame hair loss. Since his young adulthood, Matt began to deal with hair loss. His baldness started during his college days and continued to be a problem as the years went by.

Comments That Matt Faced As Someone Facing Hair Loss

The biggest problem he faced was the comments he received about his thinning hair. He tried many types of haircuts and comb-overs which were all to no avail. One day, his wife told him that his hair loss is out of control. At that moment, he knew that it was time to take action.

Actions That Matt Took As A Result Of The Hair Loss Comments

As a result of the comments he received, Matt made the tough choice to shave his head. In addition, he decided to look to a hair loss specialist to help address his challenge. Matt was looking for these two key details for his hair to feel like new.

  • Stop his hairline and crown from thinning.
  • Have a natural hairline that shows he was slightly receding.

These details were crucial for Matt to get his hairline back and give him a sense of confidence.

How The End Result Turned Out For Matt

In the end, Matt was able to come away with a look that he loved after just two sessions. This was all thanks to the scalp micropigmentation process he went through. It gave him confidence about his bald head. He even received endless praise from people that his hair was making a great comeback.

Matt himself said, “This process has made me feel free and like a whole new person.” Without question, it has transformed his look for the better.

Paul Malcolm: Scalp Micropigmentation Gave Me That “WOW” Moment

As for Paul Malcolm, he was looking to match the coloration from the sides of his head to that of the front and middle parts. Here, we’ll talk more in-depth about what got him to consider scalp micropigmentation and how it worked out for him. 

How Paul Got Interested In This Hair Loss Solution

To make his ideal look a reality, Paul knew that he needed the right hair loss solution. What he really wanted was that Michael Jordan-style bald, shorthaired look that would make him feel more confident. As Paul looked through the Scalp Micro USA scalp micropigmentation before and after pics, he was amazed by the results. What really sealed the deal for Paul was the pic of his head discoloration at a family photo shoot. He knew at the moment he needed to give this hair loss solution a try.

How Paul’s Hair Loss Solution End Result Turned Out

When it came to the end result of Paul’s hair loss solution, he really was amazed. In fact, here’s what he said, “WOW, Holy Smokes!” The coloration of the front and middle part of his head matched perfectly with that of the sides of his head. This look has now made him feel confident as he shows off his new Michael Jordan-like look at his family photoshoots.

Josias: Scalp Micropigmentation Has Really Made A Huge Difference For Me

Last but not least, we’ll talk about Josias’ story and how the hair loss treatment worked out for him. Josias has faced his own hair loss challenge since his early 20s. His hairline continued to recede each day as he tried to comb and style his hair to no avail. It was at that moment that he knew that it was time to make a change.

The Actions Josias Took To Try To Resolve His Hair Loss Challenge

To resolve his hair loss challenge, Josias flew from Denver to NYC to see a hair loss specialist. He was amazed at the testimonial and training videos Scalp Micro USA had for him. In his first session with them, the team there did a three-step process to treat his receding hairline.

  1. First, they trimmed Josias’ existing hair to match the treatment length.
  2. After that, they designed his new hairline.
  3. Lastly, they applied the scalp micropigmentation treatment.

After the first session, he was advised to not touch nor wash his hair until the second session. This would allow for the treatment to be fully effective for a more improved hairline.

How The Hair Loss Treatment Turned Out For Josias

Without question, this hair loss treatment helped transform Josias’ hairline for the better. After his second session, he came out and said, “Ecstatic is probably an understatement. This hair loss treatment made a huge, huge difference in helping me achieve my ideal look.”

In the end, his wife and friends had endless praise for his new and improved hairline. This helped Josias feel more confident as he showed off his new look to the world.

Scalp Micropigmentation Helps Bring Confidence In Your Look

Regardless of your hair loss challenge, scalp micropigmentation will help you overcome that and more. This process will also give you newly inspired confidence as it did for these three great men. Definitely, something to think about when considering natural hair loss solutions like that of Scalp Micro USA: without question, it’ll help you achieve that ideal new look you’ll surely be proud of.

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