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Top Skills to Display for COVID-Era Resumes

The global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly reduced the demand for products and services in the U.S. chemical industry. Industry observers are predicting a challenging job market ahead. 

Whether you’re currently out of work or are just exploring your options, you can’t simply dust off your old resume, add a couple of lines, and send it out. According to the specialty chemical recruiters with Boaz Partners, there’s been a seismic shift in what companies want in job candidates, and you need to prime your resume for success:

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Your education and technical expertise are important, but your soft skills can set you apart from similarly situated candidates in your field. Right now, the top soft skills you want to accentuate include:

  • Problem-Solving: Demonstrate that you’re capable of thinking outside the box and know how to look at challenges from all angles.
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking: These two go hand-in-hand when it comes to analyzing information and making high-level decisions, especially when anticipating future industry or company concerns.
  • Collaborative Skills: Showcase your ability to function well on a team. Complex projects increasingly require employees to collaborate with their peers and help each other.
  • People Management: It’s increasingly important for companies to have people who can help their teams transition with the necessary changes that come with uncertain times.

Don’t just put down the words, either. Briefly show how you leveraged these skills in your education, career, or personal life in the past to show that you really can back up your claims.

Emphasize Your Ability to Work Remotely

A lot of companies will continue to have many employees working remotely as much as possible for the foreseeable future. Show that you can be a productive part of the team by highlighting your:

  • Tech-Savviness: Knowing your way around a keyboard and Zoom meeting is an essential job skill in every industry. 
  • Oral and Written Communication Skills: Clear, concise communication is essential when people are working from home, especially if they are part of a team.
  • Adaptability: Technology changes, the industry changes, and your working conditions may change. Highlight your flexibility and capacity to adjust to the changes.
  • Time Management: Employers need to know that you’re a self-starter and can remain focused even when no one else is around.

These days, you cannot take a one-resume-fits-all approach with your resume. Do your company research, work with specialty chemical recruiters for the best inside track, and tailor your resume according to the job you’re seeking.

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