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The Truth About Working Moms: You Don’t Have to Do It ALL

Working moms wear a lot of hats. They have many different sets of expectations to meet and they tend to be hardest of all on themselves when they feel that they fall short of the mark.

NEWS FLASH! Nobody Expects Perfection from You

That probably surprises you, doesn’t it? After all, your boss who is harriedly checking their watch for that overdue report you need to submit expects it to be perfectly done. Your daughter expects you to show up perfectly on time to watch her soccer game. Your husband likely expects a clean house when he comes home.

The fact is that you really can’t do it all, at least not without tying yourself into knots in the process. But the good news is that it all can be done.

Learn Stress-Free Ways to Get ‘Er Done

In the above three hypotheticals, let’s examine them individually and see where the break may lie. Certainly, your boss has a right to demand your best efforts, which is not the same as perfection. It leaves the door open for some wiggle room for the occasional fudged deadline or honest mistake.

With your daughter’s soccer game, it would certainly be great to get there just as the team first heads out onto the field. But, as long as you are there for the bulk of the game and to see her score the winning goal, all should be well.

The last scenario is by far the easiest to achieve. Presumably, at least three people live in your home: you, your husband and child. That means that all three of you should take ownership over the cleanliness level. 

Designate chores to all so everyone is invested in the process. Then, call in the heavy-hitters. Get a cleaning service to come in twice a month to do a deep cleaning and keep everyone satisfied.

Understand the Power of the Word “No”

Women have the tendency to bite off more than they can comfortably chew. Out of a desire to please everyone, they wind up pleasing nobody, least of all themselves. Once you understand that it is okay to turn down the request to stay late at work, bake cookies for a classroom bake sale or have your house pass the white glove test, it’s very freeing.

Break Free of the Chains of Perfection

Are you ready to cast off the chains of perfection? Accepting that you cannot do it all is the first step on your journey.

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