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The Perks: Molded Cups Versus Underwire Bras

When you put on a bra, you want comfort, coverage, and support — and it seems like the choices you have these days are almost endless. Should you pick a wireless bra or one with underwires for the best support? Do you want a molded cup or a non-molded one? 

We reached out to the experts at Busted Bra to learn more about your options, and they helped us to understand more about what makes one bra design different than the others. Here’s what they have to say:

Molded Cups Give Seamless Shape and Coverage

The cups on a molded bra are smooth and seamless because each cup is made from a single piece of material that is expertly shaped using heat treatments. The fabric in each cup retains its shape indefinitely, giving the wearer a firm lift and coverage that’s nearly invisible under their clothing.

Bras with molded cups come with and without padding and liners, so you need not worry about gaining bulk if your bust is already big enough. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add a little extra drama to your bustline, a padded cup can help. Molded cups are immensely popular today both because they work well underneath t-shirts, rayons, knits, and other thin fabrics without being visible or showing your nipples. 

Molded bras also have the advantage of sculpting your breasts into the shape you want. If you’re trying to achieve the lifted, separated, and rounded bustline that’s currently popular, molded cups will do it. If you still need extra support, you can get a molded bra with an underwire, which may be a good option if your breasts are particularly heavy and need a little lift due to sagging.

Underwired Bras Show Off the Natural Shape of Your Breasts

Underwire bras have thin, rigid supports made of metal or plastic sewn into the lining on the underside of their cups. The underwire is designed to help outline the shape of the breasts, pushing their volume upwards and out. That helps provide definition and separate them from your stomach. 

Underwire bras get a bad rap, sometimes, because people think they’re uncomfortable. The folks at Busted Bra, however, point out that underwires are only prone to pinching when the bra hasn’t been properly fitted to the wearer or the bra is worn out. 

If you’re happy with the natural shape of your breasts and want to flaunt them, a non-molded bra with an underwire has the advantage of being lighter in weight than its molded counterparts. A lot of people find them more breathable, which makes them ideal for summer.

Is there one perfect bra out there for everyone, molded, unmolded, wired, or wireless? Of course not! Exactly which type of bra works best for you can even vary according to the outfit you have on. That’s why Busted recommends that you bring special occasion outfits with you to a fitting so that you can see what looks best.

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