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The Difference Between Salt & Smoked Sea Salt

When it comes to smoked salt and smoked sea salt, they’re both used to bring extra flavor to your recipes. With that being said, they also each have their own unique qualities that provide flavor in diverse ways. As the great folks at Oregano Spice would say, “Each salt has its own unique flavor tailored to the specific recipe needs of the cook.”

Smoked salt and smoked sea salt are two unique salts that are created differently and offer different tastes. Below are some key differences that give the two types of salt their own meaning of extra taste.

How Each Salt Is Made

One key difference between smoked salt and smoked sea salt is how they are made. Smoked salt is made when it is slow-smoked over a wood fire. It usually takes two weeks for the smoked salt to be complete. They are usually made over hickory, mesquite, apple oak, or alder wood. 

Smoked sea salt is harvested from evaporated seawater. It contains minerals from where it was harvested such as zinc, potassium, and iron. Smoked sea salt is usually unrefined and coarse-grained compared to table salt.

What Benefits Each Salt Brings

Both smoked salt and smoked sea salt offer similar benefits. Both types of salt help benefit your health by:

  1. Supporting your muscle and nervous system function.
  2. Help support your digestive system health.
  3. Helps balance your fluids and prevents dehydration.

They also have their own key differences in helping provide your recipe with great, healthy flavors. For smoked salt, they are a great chemical-free alternative to liquid smoke. They help provide your recipes with that smoky, delicious flavor without having to worry about toxins in your ingredients.

Smoked sea salt offers two key benefits. It is sometimes used as a rub with herbs and spice. On top of that, it is also a healthier, and natural choice compared to refined table salt. Speaking of being a natural choice, smoked sea salt is 100% natural as they are at Oregano Spices.

What Each Salt Is Used For

Each salt helps enhance the flavor of your favorite recipe in their own unique ways. Smoked salt flavors all depend on what wood was used when the salt was being slow-smoked. For example, your smoked salt will taste like hickory if it was cooked over hickory wood. Smoked salt is best used for flavoring meats and heartier vegetables such as potatoes.

As for smoked sea salt, the minerals from where it was harvested help give it a more complex flavor. It is more commonly used on recipes like grill, stews, marinade, cebiches, salads, and bread. For drinks like margaritas and Bloody Marys, you would also find smoked sea salt on the rim of your drink. Sprinkle this salt on top of foods and experience a bigger burst of flavor compared to table salt.

Smoked Sea Salts Help Give Your Recipes A Healthier, Diverse Flavor

It is clear that smoked salts help bring an added touch to recipes in their own unique ways. In addition, they also bring great health benefits and are all-natural. Using salts like these help enhance your dishes and drinks into world-class dining. If you’re looking for results like this, then consider the smoked salts that Oregano Spice offers.

With the salts, peppers, and chili powders that they offer, your recipes will surely become a work of art for others to enjoy. Smoky flavored salts like these will go a long way in helping enhance your culinary traditions.

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