The Covid 15 and how to Turn it Around

It happens every year. As soon as the Christmas decorations come down, the fitness equipment sales go crazy and all the new diet foods, supplements and protein shakes are in your face. It seems like everyone starts to rethink their health regime annually, and if you don’t, the stores won’t let you forget. So what should you really do to become the best version of you?

Start With The Basics

First of all – where are you healthwise? If you’ve let yourself go (hello Covid 15), maybe you just need a refresher on exercise and diet. Easy. Get back on track with a fitness app. Noom is popular, although there are quite a few options to choose from. Just do your research and know that most of them will charge you monthly and can cost up to $100 a month. Most people look at it as investing in a private health coach. Results are worth the money in the end, and no one can put a price on health. 

But What If You’re in Bad Shape?

I’ve been there before. I remember looking at the scale after the birth of my son and seeing the triple digits. At 5’6”-  200lbs was not fun. It was hard to move. I didn’t have any energy, and felt hopeless. I also had an undiagnosed health condition making losing weight incredibly hard if not impossible. If you have an autoimmune disease, diabetes or PCOS, just to name a few, you should absolutely see your doctor for a check up and to make sure you’re on the right medications and the right dosages. 

Figure out what is holding you back and then do everything you can to get a handle on it. Even depression can affect your weight and motivation. Our health is so complex and when we start to realize that everything is interconnected, we can have compassion on ourselves and patience and most importantly: Hope.

Today is the Best Day to Start

Don’t put it off. You can put off cleaning the bathroom or doing the laundry or texting back that really annoying person – but don’t put off your health and well-being. You’re too important. Go for a walk, do squats around the house and buy that yoga mat from Amazon and start planking. Zumba Youtube videos are fun. Hiking and getting outside and into the fresh air is good for the soul and your glutes. But do SOMETHING today. It doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to hurt. But move. Your body was made to move, so find your thing and dive in. There are so many choices, but the key is finding what works for you and your schedule. 

Diet is the Key to Everything

You probably didn’t want to hear that, huh? But everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. And that’s the truth. You can be active all day, but if you’re eating processed food and sugary carbs and ignoring the healthy options, your body will show it. Make yourself a priority and find the healthy foods your body and mind crave. Your body will love you for it, your jeans will love you for it – and hopefully you’ll love YOU for it.

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