Maple and Moon: Japanese Luxury Home Goods

Self-care is perhaps more important now than it has ever been. In times of uncertainty and stress, small comforts, such as a luxury white cotton towel, can make all the difference. At Maple and Moon, the finest materials and traditional Japanese techniques combine to produce high-end towels and blankets. After you experience Maple and Moon, you’ll want nothing else in your linen closet. 

The Tradition

Maple and Moon is not a typical towel maker. They have been doing business for 90 years in the Imabari region, which is famous for high-end towels. Maple and Moon use only the best, highest-quality materials in their products. Further still, they are very particular about where they source their materials.

For example, they use water from the Imabari region of Japan to produce ultra-soft, absorbent towels. According to the Maple and Moon website, this water is special because it contains very low levels of heavy metals, leading to the soft, luxurious feel of the towels. 

Another unique material that Maple and Moon uses is called tencel. Tencel comes from eucalyptus trees. Maple and Moon says that tencel is cooler than linen, but softer than silk. It is machine washable and hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t retain moisture, meaning it does not promote bacteria growth. Even better, tencel is a great material for the environment. Because eucalyptus grows quickly, tencel is a sustainable resource. 

The Products

With top-notch materials and traditional Japanese methods, Maple and Moon makes a line of high-end products that will enhance your self-care routine. Here are some highlights on a few of them. 

Luxury White Cotton Towel

Nothing promotes relaxation quite like a fluffy, clean, white cotton towel. Maple and Moon’s version, called the ‘White Blossom Stitch Towel,’ is the best of the best. They make this towel with cotton and Imabari water for the softest possible touch. 

Some towel makers sacrifice function for comfort. Softness can sometimes mean the towel is not absorbent. This is not so with Maple and Moon towels. Each of their towels is tested by placing it in water. To pass the test, the towel must sink within five seconds. 

The towel is as beautiful as it is functional. The bright white cotton is accented with gray stitching.

Moonlight Towels

These towels are made of the same high quality cotton as the standard cotton towels, but the technique is different. To make these towels, Maple and Moon use cotton loops. This creates a very fluffy, thick towel that absorbs water very quickly. Like the other towels, all the Moonlight Towels must pass the water test. 

Maple and Moon make these towels in navy blue, off white, bright white, and soft green. 

Marshmallow Blankets 

The Marshmallow Blanket is the perfect addition to a cozy night in. They are made of tencel, so they are soft and cool at the same time. Maple and Moon is proud to use a closed loop production to create these blankets. This means that they are made using renewable energy alone. There is no pollution, and no waste involved. 

Marshmallow Blankets are large and attractive, so they look great as part of home decor. They are made in white, gray, and green. 

Upgrade Your Linen Closet

Maple and Moon‘s towels and blankets are truly the height of luxury. The fine materials and traditional Japanese production techniques result in exceptional comfort and style. Don’t wait another day to feel the difference and take your self-care routine to another level.

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