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Make This Boss Babe Move: Create a Bespoke Closet

You’re confident. You’re comfortable in your own skin. You’re a unique person with a clear sense of self-derived from your heritage, your past experiences, and your goals for the future.

So why on earth are you letting someone else define your style? There’s nothing about you that’s “off the rack,” so let your clothing reflect your originality through a bespoke wardrobe that’s just as original as you.

What’s the Difference Between Bespoke Clothing and Tailor-Made?

Bespoke clothing is custom clothing, but don’t confuse it with merely “tailored” apparel. It’s so much more.

Tailored clothing is made-to-measure, which means that an existing design is altered so that it perfectly fits your body — but you’re still wearing something that was created by other hands for other people. Even though the jacket, skirt, pants, or dress may fit beautifully when you’re done, it’s still fashion that came from someone else’s vision with limited choices for personalization.

Bespoke clothing is made from scratch, with a pattern that’s created just for the occasion. Rather than guiding the fabric around your body, your body’s nuances are used to guide the design from the start. You aren’t limited by the paradigms of an established pattern, so you’re free to let your style shine. 

In short, tailored clothing is lovely but bespoke clothing is original — like you.

How Do You Start Building a Bespoke Closet?

Like every other thing worth doing, you start the process of building your bespoke clothing collection one step at a time. 

With Michigan’s leading custom clothing provider, Gina T. Fashion, the process starts with a one-on-one customer consultation. Their artists listen to the customer’s ideas and talk over design elements like style, fabric, and pricing. Then, they create a sketch of the custom clothing that fully represents that customer’s vision. 

Once a client’s vision is realized on paper, their experts take the client’s measurements and track down the fabric and other essential elements of the design. Since clients aren’t limited to the offerings of one or two fabric mills, fabric selection alone can be an important part of the design process. 

The client’s design, measurements, and fabric selection ultimately inform the pattern for each piece of custom clothing. As the folks at Gina T Fashion say, “We don’t buy patterns. We create them.” 

Once the base garment is sewn, customers are given a second fitting so that any final adjustments can be made. In that way, bespoke clothing blends the best aspects of tailored attire and original design.

Are You Ready to Make the Move to a Bespoke Wardrobe of Your Own?

The next time you have a gala event, a reception for your newest collection at the gallery, or a special celebration, ditch the magazines and forget about shopping for something to wear: Create your own bespoke outfit for a one-of-a-kind statement piece that’s unforgettable. 

Bespoke clothing doesn’t have to be limited to special occasions, however. While that’s a great place to start, your day-to-day clothing choices also express your style, personality, and vision. You can build a dramatic, singular custom wardrobe one piece at a time that will transcend the whims of fashion.

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