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How Pink Diamonds Became Popular

The popularity of pink diamonds rests in part with their rarity. While all colored diamonds are rarer specimens than their white-diamond counterparts, it is understood through which processes most other colored diamonds go in order to pick up their distinctive hues.

For instance, nitrogen-infused into the stone creates a yellow tint, while boron turns diamonds an exquisite blue. But scientists have never proven conclusively just what must be present or occur to turn a white diamond a rosy pink shade.

Pink Diamonds Are Nature’s Flukes

Given that anything rare is deemed special in the jewelry world, pink diamonds rank right up at the top. Before they ever became the beautiful stone of choice for engagement rings, pink diamonds enjoyed a rich royal history. Since at least the 17th century, they have been the chosen gems of kings and queens.

Back then, a wealthy diamond merchant from France discovered a rough-cut 200 ct pink diamond in the Indian diamond markets. While he did not purchase the stone himself, it is said that two pink diamonds cut from it now are part of the crown jewels of Iran.

Collectors’ Value of Pink Diamonds Will Surge

There is also an inherent value in ownership of pink diamonds, particularly the Argyle pink diamonds that come from the soon-to-be shuttered Australian Argyle mine in Rio Tinto. Wealthy people from all around the globe are seeking these stones for engagement rings as well as for investments.

Think Pink

But there is another reason for the popularity of pink diamonds for engagement rings. The color pink represents something really special. After all, it was the lovely and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn who declared, “I believe in pink.”

When you want to celebrate a celebratory moment with your beloved, it is the bottle of pink champagne that you break out. And what is more special than riding in a pink Cadillac, as immortalized in several song maker hits?

When you choose a pink diamond for your engagement ring, it shows a level of devotion and discernment that is uncommonly seen. As a rarified symbol of the love you share, it also elevates your and your beloved’s relationship to the highest romantic tier.

J.Lo Was a Pink Diamond Trendsetter

Back in 2002, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a lovely pink diamond engagement ring. That brought pink diamonds into the spotlight of popular culture — and they never really left. Unfortunately, the celeb couple could not say the same and their relationship quickly disintegrated. It’s unknown what happened to the pink diamond engagement ring.

Why Settle for Ordinary?

As Mark at Diva Diamonds & Jewels noted, the “price of pink diamonds rises with the intensity of the color of the stone.” For true luxury, you may want to go with a deep-pink stone with purplish hues.

If you have the means and cultivated and discriminating nature, pink diamond engagement rings are perennially popular choices. There is no reason to settle for mundane or commonplace engagement rings when you can gift or be gifted the type of stone that adorns royalty — including Queen Elizabeth.

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