Exercise – What’s Best For You?

Exercise is for everyone, but not every exercise is for everybody. Let me explain. Your 91 year old grandma who has bad knees isn’t going to do the same exercise your 21 year old, very physically fit brother can do. Same for pregnant women, people with autoimmune disease, or people with back or neck problems. But, there is something for everyone.

Cardio Isn’t Always the Answer

I remember back in the 80’s when Jane Fonda’s workout was fighting with Jazzercise for the queen of workouts. Tai-bo? Done it. Kickboxing? Oh yeah. Yoga, pilates, running, walking, lifting weights, I think we’ve all been there. For me personally, I find that high impact cardio workouts break me down more than they build me up, and since I’m prone to knee injuries and I have Hashimotos, I have made my peace with feeling like a failure/wimp and embraced walking and lifting weights and yoga. Being in my 40’s, lifting weights is also good for my aging bones and protects me from going brittle. So change your mindset.There are no failures unless you give up. And if you haven’t found what works for you, just know that you haven’t found what works for you yet.

What Builds You Up?

I’m not just talking muscles either. What builds you up mentally, emotionally and even spiritually along with your quads? What breathes life into your soul and keeps you healthy at the same time? Okay, crossfit might be the answer for you – and if it is: good for you! You’ve found your thing. Your thing is what you look forward to doing every day. It’s what makes you feel like a million bucks when you’re done. For me it’s a combination of being outside, yoga, weightlifting and meditation. This combination keeps me healthy, strong and able to face the world and the stress in it.  

Here’s another piece of the puzzle: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? This matters. Are you most comfortable and pumped up at the same time, by being in a group setting? Think zumba, going to the gym, playing basketball or a friend group who runs. Being an introvert myself, working out by myself is a time to recharge and fill my bucket so I can face people. Know yourself and be open to trying new things until you find what works for you.

Make it a Lifestyle – Not Torture

Choosing the wrong style/type of exercise will always end with you dreading it. Do we end up doing things we dread? Unless it’s paying taxes, we usually find a way out of it. So be smart and set yourself up for success. That doesn’t mean we won’t all have the occasional setback. Life is tough for everyone these days. Getting Covid in January set me back a whole month, but you do what you can, and you set that next goal. But you have to remember who you’re doing this for – YOU. You deserve a healthy strong and happy body. And you love yourself enough to make that happen, in whatever way you want to get there.

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