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5 Creative Uses for Custom Glass in a Home Renovation

When you’re renovating a home, finding the right way to marry form with function in your designs can be a challenge. You need all of the elements of your home to be practical and useful, but you also want a touch of grace and beauty everywhere you look.

It’s time to think about adding some custom glass pieces to your living space. Glass is a true neutral element that can easily be incorporated into any decor, and it automatically adds a touch of modern elegance to any room.

Here at Desert Empire Mirror & Glass, we’ve had the pleasure of helping homeowners add glass to their homes in some unique ways. These are a few of our favorite design plans:

Interior Glass Doors

Adding glass doors between rooms can create a sense of privacy without eliminating the flow of natural light or making space feel closed in and claustrophobic. The use of textures, tints, and frosted glass can be incorporated in your doors to make them extra dramatic and noticeable. You can even add glass doors to interior cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen for a dramatic flair that’s sure to get attention.

Outdoor Enclosures

Whether you have a backyard patio that’s just begging to be enclosed or you’ve always wanted a little greenhouse of your own so that you can enjoy a winter garden, custom glass can help you achieve your goals. Glass enclosures can give you an unobstructed view of the outdoors — all year long — or provide functional space that you can use to cultivate your plants no matter what the weather.

Glass Showers

Turn your shower into a spa, with a custom glass door. Glass doors — whether they’re floating and frameless or semi-frameless, can update the look of your shower and make a small bathroom seem bigger, as can three-sided glass enclosures that make a shower mostly invisible.

Etched or Stained Glass Windows

Windows are a huge part of your home’s design, so why not incorporate beautiful pieces of glass into them? Stained glass can bring a pop of color and beauty into a room, while etched glass gives you a more subtle, refined look and reduces glare. Both can enhance the aesthetics and privacy of your home.

The versatility of custom glass can’t be overstated. If you have a dark spot in your house or the light just doesn’t seem to flow through a room the way that you’d like, the right piece of custom glass can help.

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